The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Are you ready for it?

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You don’t know real love till you hear the baby girl, who you saw in an incubator at 1 day old, say your name for the first time. This video made my entire life, lol. 

always remember that the reasoning for your giving should not be to receive.  there is a difference between waiting in expectancy for what God has in store for you and giving and keeping your hands open.  the golden rule states that you are supposed to do unto others as you would want them to do unto you… but that does not necessarily mean that they will. be simple, be soft, and be forgiving. having humility and grace does not translate into the world’s definition of being a pushover. act as Christ would and strive to be an honest steward of His word at all times. k now let me go to sleep because i have class tomorrow :( 




Quite possibly my new anthem, lol.

Closer — Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger of Bethel Music 

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lol @ the people i’ve been running into lately. 

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— Even though you’re wrong.. that’s because I love you too much. (via officiallanaa)

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