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The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Are you ready for it?

When you know who you are in Christ, everything else falls into place. God’s blessings are insurmountable. His timing is perfection. His grace is so abundant. I’m experiencing absolute joy in probably all aspects of my life. 

  -  14 April, 2014
  • Me on my wedding day: you still like me right

- I finished all my homework before midnight tonight. I take that as a personal accomplishment. 
- I have been having really long, productive days lately. 
- This weekend at home was the absolute best. Multiple bonfires, eating good food every single day, the cuddles, the movies, my family, my boyfriend, my best friend, everything was just so perfect. 
- Driving back to gmu yesterday was so hard. Especially since the heavens opened up and let out all the rain it had stored up there. It rained the whole two hours and forty five minutes it took me to get back to gmu, womp haha. 
- I got done with a long day yesterday and my boyfriend told me that he rented the movie About Time and told me to find it online so we could watch it together even though I’m at school. Seriously. My heaaart, lol. He’s so cute and so attentive towards what I need. 
- We had a pretty bad week last week. But after all of the ruckus ended, both of us had personal revelations and after everything I realize more and more how much he grounds me and brings me back to reality. He’s honestly my compliment in so many aspects.  Literally the other half of me. 
- He just got the opportunity to share his testimony with the congregation and he’s so hesitant about it. But after thinking it over and talking about it with him, I just can’t even begin to explain how proud I am of him and his growth.  He makes me want to redefine my life and my relationship with God in so many ways. He exposes me to my own carnality and opens my eyes to the things that I’m uncomfortable with. 
- I will always be eternally grateful for his presence in my life. 03 to infinity. 

  -  9 April, 2014
"The truest form of love is how you behave toward someone, not how you feel about them."

when you know what you deserve you should never tolerate anything below that. 

1 note   -  30 March, 2014